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Hugo's Amazing Tape

Hugo's Amazing Tape is a reusable, non-adhesive, self- clinging tape that has hundreds of uses.  In the sewing/quilting world, use Hugo's around spools of thread to keep the ends tangle-free.  You can also use it to keep rulers from slipping.  In the rest of your world, Hugo's is great for all kinds of household uses.  Since it grips and holds without adhesive, use it instead of duct tape, adhesive tape, or any other tape that would leave sticky residue.  Hugo's holds up under heat, cold or humidity.  Examples of uses include temporary hose repairs, gardening ties, clamping woodworking projects for glueing, organizing electronic cables/cords or keeping fishing line from unraveling.  Hugo's is reusable...when it gets dirty, just clean it and use it again.  Remember, Hugo's sticks to itself, so you need to overlap it when using it.

Hugo's Amazing Tape, 1" wide, 50' roll     $13.00