Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight will the Amazing Magnetic Hanger hold?

This system will NOT hold an unlimited amount of weight. Weight limits depend upon a combination of things, one being the weight limits of the removable adhesive strips used, the number of strips used and the surface they are being applied to. Clean surfaces with no loose paint or cleaner residue are a must. You must also FIRMLY apply the strip to ensure a quality bond.

The second factor that affects the weight limit is the attraction of the chosen rod to the magnets. A heavier steel rod, such as flat bar stock, will have much more holding power than a lighter steel rod, such as coat hanger wire. A smaller diameter round sash rod will hold a lighter quilt than a rectangular flat sided style café rod. When there is more steel and more surface contact with the magnets, there will be more strength.

Here is a partial list of possible rods that are commonly found at local hardware stores: 

  • Light duty shelf stay
  • Common curtain rods (steel)
  • Sash rods (steel)
  • Heavy duty shelf stay
  • Spring-loaded curtain rod
  • Café rods (steel)
  • Flat bar (steel) stock
  • All-thread steel rod Square steel stock

If more weight capacity is desired than two plates/magnets and selected rod will achieve, you will need additional plate(s). It is generally advisable to use two plates/magnets for hanging a twin or full size, three plates/magnets for hanging a queen, and four plates/magnets for king-size quilts.

How do I get best adhesion?

Be sure to follow the installation instructions for using the removable adhesive strips. The strips are not appropriate for every surface where you might want to hang a quilt. Holes have been provided in the metal plate for alternate mounting if the strips will not work. We have found them to work on a wide variety of surfaces, providing the surface is clean, solid, and the strips are applied firmly.

The temperature of the selected mounting location may affect adhesion. An air conditioning or heating vent blowing directly on the mounting plate may negatively affect the effectiveness of the adhesive.

The surface roughness may be a factor if the surface is heavily textured, causing less surface contact of the adhesive strips to the wall. The strips generally work very well on “knock-down” or “orange-peel” type textures.

Residues on walls may lessen the effectiveness of the strips. This might be caused by cleaners, grease or oils, or nicotine.

Don’t give up in finding the right combination of mounting and rods! This is a simple, convenient and non-committal way to solve your displaying needs.