UV Fabric Protector

Is your quilt finished?

Are you missing something? You have chosen the ideal fabrics, cut and pieced to perfection, and the quilting is to die for! But did you protect your masterpiece from the elements? You know them... sunlight, dirt, dust, even artificial lighting. After putting so much time, energy and expense into creating a wonderful quilt, why take chances on fabric staining and fading?

There is a solution! MicroSeal Permanent Fabric Protection has been used to protect fabrics in yachts, the airline industry, and widely throughout the upholstery manufacturing world, with proven results. Now it is available to the quilting industry as... MicroSeal Q™!

Everyone wants their masterpieces to last a very long time, so no matter what level of “masterpiece” you have, be sure to include the missing step. Protect your quilts with MicroSeal Q™ Permanent Fabric Protection, and you will have an heirloom suitable for passing on from generation to generation.

Fabric protection in many industries has never been considered an after thought, it's been a demanding requirement!  Some of the world's most expensive textiles, whether man-made or natural, are benefiting from the application of this unique product.  MicroSeal permanent fabric protection has been used for over 30 years worldwide.

Please visit the MicroSeal International website for more information...just click on the picture at the right!

To preserve the integrity of the application of MicroSeal Q™, this is a service provided by trained and approved applicators, and is not a product that is available for self-application.  Please contact us for information regarding an approved applicator in your area.