Quilt Hanger Mounting Instructions

You will find this process refreshingly simple as compared to other quilt hanger installations you may have tried!

Simple Mounting Instructions for the Amazing Magnetic Hanger 5 Piece Kit

1. Read application instructions on 3M’s Command Strips™ included in package.

2.Choose a location that you would like to display a quilt and determine if it is suitable for mounting 3M’s Command Strips™. If mounting surface is not suitable for Command Strips, screws or permanent adhesive can be used (not included).

3. Mark height and center of desired location where quilt is to be displayed. Determine number of plates needed using guide on package back.

4. Use one Command Strip™ per steel plate. Remove red Command™ adhesive liner and firmly press in place on the back of the mounting plate with tab extending from bottom of plate.

5. Locate chosen location on wall and firmly attach desired number of plates, spacing plates equally across the width of the quilt using your previously determined center reference. Plates should be close to same height.

6. Press firmly for 1 minute to secure plates to wall. Wait 1 hour before use.

7. Install steel rod, curtain rod, etc. in rod pocket on quilt, adjust for length.

8. Introduce quilt with steel rod installed to black magnets on mounting plate.

9. Stand back and look at quilt. If it’s not level, firmly slide one magnet or the other slightly up or down to adjust to level.  ENJOY!


Alternate method of Mounting  (Not as Simple!)

1. The metal plate has holes provided if you wish to install your hanger using screws.  Choose your location and mark the wall through the holes on the mounting plate.

2. Choose appropriate screws for the surface type (drywall, plaster, brick, etc.)  Drill holes, screw plate to wall.

3. Continue with step 5 above.